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Directions to saproType Premises

First Floor Autoparks House
13 Park Crescent
Glenhazel Johannesburg 2192

Take Corlett Drive Offramp from the M1

Turn right if you asre coming from the South and left if you are coming from the North.

Proceed all the way up Corlett Drive, crossing 3 robots until you reach Louis Botha Avenue

At the 4th Robot turn right into Louis Botha Avenue in a southerly direction, passing 2 robots until you reach the 3rd robot at Atholl Road ( ie MacDonalds on your right and FishTakeaway on your left) .

Turn left into Athol Rd

Cross over one robot

At the next robot the road splits . Keep going straight. ( Do NOT take the left split to Johannesburg Rd) You pass Northview High School on your lefty and Athol Rd becomes Northfield Avenue. 

Pass one pedestrian robot by Northview School then proceed a fair way down to the next robot which is at the intersection of Queens Square (on your left) and Kingswood Road (on your right)

Turn left into Queens Square till you come to a T  junction at a park. 

Turn right into Cross road

Almost immediately turn left into Park Crescent ( This is a one way) 

AutoParks House is on the corner on your right.

Park outside. Press the Powerhouse buzzer on the gate to be let in then press the Powerhouse buzzer on the front door. Push Inwards.

Go up the stairs to the first floor. Turn left to the Powerhouse offices.

saproType is in the Powerhouse Offices

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