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Q: What is transcription?
A: Transcription is the conversion of spoken language into the typed, written, or printed form. e.g. a typewritten version of dictation or a recording.


Q: What are the financial benefits of using ?
A: Outsourcing your transcription work to will allow you to reduce your monthly overheads substantially. Instead of paying for full-time staff, office space and office equipment that needs to be updated regularly you just pay for the work that is transcribed.
Q: How will help to improve your productivity and efficiency?
A: You no longer have to spend valuable time managing in-house staff, salaries, leave and absenteeism. All you need to do is dictate, send your work to
and we will do the rest for you. You will get your transcribed jobs back quickly, allowing your work to be completed efficiently and promptly.
Q: What are the average cost savings I can expect to receive using as opposed to having in-house transcription resources?
A: This very much depends on the volume of work you send through to . On average though, you should realise a significant cost saving compared to what you would pay for your in-house transcription considering that most permanently employed in-house typists admit to only typing 50% to 60% of the their working day. With you only pay for actual words typed which significantly improves your productivity and cost benefit ratio. You save on office space rental, bonuses, staff medical aid and pension contributions, staff phone bills, computer costs and the expense and inconvenience of temporary staff when your typists are on leave etc.


Q: Can a typist open a new account?
A: New accounts are exclusively for NEW USERS who wish to submit dictation or recording for transmission. Typists must follow the application procedure on the typist page.
Q: What is the advantage of being a Contract user vs a "Pay-As-You-Go" user?
A: "Pay-As-You-Go" users must have a minimum balance in their accounts and are subject to a minimum cost of R15 per job typed. This is usually best for unknown first time or emergency users, or the occasional user. "Pay-As-You-Go" users may not be able to access completed jobs that are not covered by the existing residual balance. The service levels are exactly the same. Contract users are not subject to a minimum cost and may benefit from better pricing should they meet certain throughput and volume requirements.
Q: What happens if a "Pay-As-You-Go" user has insufficient funds for the dictated jobs?
A: Unfortunately in this situation we reserve the right not to transcribe your job and you will certainly not be able to retrieve it. We undertake to pay our typists for whatever they type and in order to maintain cost efficiency will be unable to provide work to "Pay-As-You-Go" users with an insufficient balance. Please also note that by accepting the terms and conditions and by submitting jobs for dictation all users have given an undertaking to pay for the work typed at the agreed rate and in the required time. In such circumstances the "Pay-As-You-Go" user will be contacted by email and or sms and will be informed of such.
Q: What happens if a "Pay-As-You-Go" user wants to retrieve his balance?
A: It will be refunded by EFT once it is confirmed that the account is up to date.
Q: How should a "Pay-As-You-Go" user estimate how much to deposit?
A: Measure the average number of words in your average page by going to "Tools" in Microsoft Word, highlight the entire page and click on "word count". Using the appropriate quoted fee per word, you will be able to estimate the cost of the transcribed job. Please remember that due to running overheads, there is a minimum charge of R 15 (ex VAT) for each Pay-As-You-Go job.
Q: How can I monitor the status of my account?
A: Once you start using you will have access to your personal account information and more though the Login section of our website. You will also be able to view a list of all the jobs that have been completed. The Account status section will also reflect all payments received. This way, you can be sure that your account is up to date and you can budget accordingly.


Q: How will I be able to receive assistance, training and technical support by from a remote location?
A: Should you find that are in need of technical or training support which limited to software and applications only, contact us, to arrange a mutually convenient time (CAT time) for us to assist you in the use of our remote support technology. With your permission we will be able to access and view your desktop, irrespective of your location, to perform any relevant remote maintenance or training while you are able to see exactly what is being done. You remain in control in that you can end the remote session at any time of your choice. You will be up and running within minutes.
Because is based on an ASP (Active Server Pages) model, you do not have to worry about software updates, servers, etc. The technology behind is constantly being updated. When new updates are available, your client application will be upgraded automatically and without user intervention.
Q: Does provide IT support other than that which is purely related to software applications.
A: cannot accept responsibility and wishes to be indemnified and the user agrees to indemnify for and against any adverse or other consequence, deemed to arise from any accession of or its representative, to a user’s request to provide any help or support for anything other than that which is exclusively limited to the maintenance of software and hardware purchased from .
Q: What Portable Digital Voice Recorders do you recommend for mobile dictation?
A: We recommend any professional digital recorder that uses either a DSS or WAV audio codec for recording. These would include the Philips, Olympus, Grundig and Dictaphone models. To upload your recordings to all you have to do is Login to your account on the website and follow the link to upload your files. will automatically know who you are and where to send the file for transcription.
When purchasing any such equipment, please note that since support technicians are also qualified Philips recording equipment technicians, is able to provide comprehensive turnkey installation and support limited to combined with Philips equipment installation only. While remains fully compatible will other brands and its technicians will assist where possible (purely at the discretion of ) any such support is subject to the Terms and Conditions on the website.
Q: What security does offer?
A: Because was designed to conform to a number of standards including the HIPAA, security is of the utmost importance. All dictation is encrypted and secured. Additional encryption technology secures all communication between your computer and the servers. All servers are protected behind secure firewalls and are backed up regularly. Also see the confidentiality and security precautions in the "Typist confidentiality Policy" which is signed by all our transcriptionists
Q: Is there a charge for technical support?
A: In general there is no charge for limited reasonable (as determined solely at the discretion of ) remote technical support that is scheduled on weekdays during normal working hours CAT time. There are a variety of charges for installation training and maintenance depending on location and duration. Contact us for details.
Q: What if there is an internet connection disruption?
A: is set up that both typists and authors can work offline and then submit recording or documents once the connection is re-established. Authors simply use Telephonic Dictation Facility to submit dictation in the interim to avoid any delay.


Q: Can transcribe my documents onto my personal letterhead, saving me the effort of pasting the document onto the letterhead before forwarding it onto my client?
A: Absolutely. All you have to do is send us your letterhead in either DOC or DOT format and we will upload it to our document management server under your personal account. You will then receive all your completed jobs on that letterhead.
Q: Where are your typists located and what qualifications do they have?
A: Presently all of our typists are located in South Africa and in most cases, within a fairly small geographical area. The typists are all professional, experienced ladies who have worked as professional transcriptionists in various medical, radiology or legal practices for a number of years. Transcription typists are strictly divided ino groups according to expertise and competence. Your work is automatically routed to the most experienced typist from your field of expertise.
Q: Is MyGate Secure?
A: MyGate is a completely secure, independent payment gateway. This ensures that we have no access to your credit cards and other confidential details and we cannot retain or store any of this information. MyGate informs us when your payment has been received and processed.
Q: What if I cannot open an attachment?
A: Contact us as you might need to top up your credit balance

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