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  • In order to submit dictation or recordings for transcription new clients sign up online as either PAYG ( Pay-as-you-GO) or CONTRACT users.
  • Receive a unique user ID and password to access and download author software from the secure portion of the website.
  • Submit dictation either by uploading recordings to the saproType server online fom a PC or telephonically from anywhere using Winscribe Licences for Mobile Phones (iPhone or Blackberry) Click to view
  • Upload recordings securely.
  • Dictation and recordings are routed to the appropriate professional typists for transcription.
  • In order to facilitate throughput, the completed transcribed document is immediately visible and available online to authors for convenience.
  • All transcription undergoes Quality Control which includes professional proofreading.
  • workflow design enables a document to be returned to the original typist for any amendment.

Potential clients who wish to take advantage of all of the benefits and cost savings of outsourced transcription can either use our rapid Pay-As-You-Go signup or register as a CONTRACT user to experience the solution.


  • Access "New Account" page and simply click "Sign Up Now" in the "Pay-as-you-go user" section > complete the relevant information in all compulsory fields,> accept "terms and conditions" >click "register".
  • Make the appropriate credit card payment (which should be sufficient to cover the anticipated quantity of transcription) via the "Mygate" independent secure payment gateway.
  • Receive your user ID and password by email.
  • Logon to website and login with your user ID and password.
  • Follow the installation and dictation instructions.
  • Contact us for assistance with software installation and training if necessary.

Quick Start-up: NEW CONTRACT

  • Access "New Account" page and simply click "Sign Up Now" in the "Contract user" section > complete the relevant information in all compulsory fields,> accept "terms and conditions" >click "register".
  • The applicants account manager will receive an email with a reference code informing you that a consultant will contact you in due course.
  • A consultant will contact the new account manager to determine an applicable rate issue a user ID.
  • In certain cases a limited trial may be arranged at an appropriate rate.
  • The account manager can then install software and register new authors online by logging on to the website with the user ID and his unique password.
  • Contact us for assistance with software installation and training.
  • Existing recordings can be uploaded securely using the upload recordings option which can also be accessed on the same page.
  • Dictate a recording from anywhere in the world and using a user ID and secure password using a Winscribe Licence for Mobile Phones ( iPhone and Blackberry) and our secure encryption technology, send it via the internet to our secure servers  The servers then manage the incoming jobs and automatically send them to the most suitable typist for immediate action.

Minimum start-up requirement:

TelephoneYou only need a cellphone.

Simply contact to purchase a Winsctibe Licence for Mobile Phones ( iPhone or Blackberry)

If you do not have access to a computer to download and print your transcribed document it can be delivered to you by arrangement for an additional charge.

Computer and Microphone

Basic requirement:

Headset microphone

Windows Desktop computer or laptop; (minimum specs :25GHz dual core processor , 2G RAM, 1GB free disc space, suitable soundcard, Windows 7 (32/64 bit) /Vista (32/64) bit / XP service pack II (32bit) or higher . Preferably Word 2003 or higher 

Computer and Digital Recorder

Recommended requirement:

Digital voice recorder (most flexible mobile option) or a SpeechMike (requires cord tethered to a computer)

Windows Desktop computer or laptop; (minimum specs :25 GHz dual core processor, 2G RAM, 1GB free disc space, suitable soundcard, Windows 7 (32/64)bit / Vista (32/64) bit / XP service pack II (32 bit) or higher. Preferably Word 2003 or higher.

Either way, all recordings are recognised and routed to the preferred typist for transcription.

All you need to do is create a new user profile, download the required client software and you are ready to enjoy the benefits of .

If you are currently still using CASSETTE DICTATION and do not have suitable digital dictation equipment, we can provide you with a service by special arrangement until such time as we can conclusively demonstrate the advantages and tremendous cost savings inherent in moving to digital dictation.


ProcessThe Dictation Interface has a similar look and feel to Microsoft Outlook – making the application familiar to most users. Authors have the unique flexibility to cut, copy, paste, insert or overwrite the recorded word similar to the functions of Microsoft Word. streamlines & enhances the dictation process. provides secure internet access, productivity improvements & ease of use. When using Author, you have the following features and functionality available to you

Simplify the Dictation Process

simplifies the dictation process by providing anywhere, anytime document creation. The Author application allows you to dictate in a secure environment using your standard desktop or notebook computer or via any cellphone from anywhere using the   Winscribe Licence for Mobile Phones (iPhone or Blackberry)  using your unique user ID and secure password.

Dictate in confidence

allows the author to dictate in total confidence 24 hours / 7 days a week. Work is routed to the appropriate transcriptionist or transcription group & prioritized accordingly - ensuring your work is completed in record time.

When a typist first completes an initial draft, it is immediately available to the author for viewing and editing and its status is visible on the author screen. It then either undergoes Quality Assurance or Professional Proofreading according to the client’s request.

Application Features and Advantages:

  • Automatic secure routing of dictation to the correct typist
  • Online job status enquiry lets you find out exactly where each job is
  • View the job immediately even before it reaches quality control. No undue delay
  • Amazing Editing Functions similar to Microsoft Word provide are user friendly and allow maximum flexibility: Using the Bookmark and other functions you can Insert, Cut & Paste, Partially Erase, Fully Erase, Overwrite or Insert dictated words.
  • Dictation via any Windows PC connected to the internet
  • Telephonic dictation Using Winscribe Licence for Mobile Phones (iPhone or Blackberry)
  • The Notes Field for text communication on each job simplifies communication of special requests and file notes
  • Adjustable Rewind and Fast Forward speed control to suit your dictation style
  • Increase/decrease playback speed and volume lets you hear exactly what you've said at a speed to suit you
  • Online context-sensitive help available
  • Hands-free support
  • Free and unlimited access to secure sophisticated dictation and transcription software technology which is updated continuously
  • Can be easily integrated with all popular Digital hand-held devices, such as the Philips 8000, 9520, 9370 and Philips SpeechMike products
  • And more..


Completed documents are securely available to authors / customers online.

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